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Jason Karolak, “Fictionless”

Jason Karolak uses oil on linen to create luminous compositions of neon-like color that jumps off from black backgrounds. The point of view shifts constantly in these imperfect geometries.

Jacques Garnier

Jacques Garnier has a passion for architecture, art history and poetry that shapes a series of striking black and white photographs.

Diane Arbus (to come)

Diane Arbus, “Mrs. T. Charlton Henry in an evening gown, Philadelphia, Pa.,” 1965, gelatin silver print. © The Estate of Diane Arbus.

Cannupa Hanska Luger (to come)

Cannupa Hanska Luger, “Something to Hold Onto,” 2021, 7,000+ unfired clay beads, social collaboration. Photo: Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum.

Recent Reviews and Recommendations

Rebecca Campbell

The cosmic and the commonplace, the familiar and the frightening condense and expand in powerful, narratives.

Federico Solmi

John Patrick McKenzie
and Ward Schumacher

Mixing good old fashioned painting with the latest digital technologies, Federico Solmi offers captivating political theater.

Dylan McLaughin

Working in a multiplicity of media, Dylan McLaughin examines the resonant effect of industry and colonialism.
Visually and thoughtfully evocative words comprise the raw material for the art of John Patrick McKenzie and Ward Schumacher.

Holly Wong

Maggie Crowley
and Joanne Anno

Holly Wong’s “Phoenix” is composed of drawings on pieces of mylar stitched together to form “the thing with feathers.”
In their respective exhibitions Maggie Crowley and Joanne Aono address the dignity of work and the relative invisibility of so many laborers.

Recent Columns

Tom Uttech and the Spiritual Landscape

The recently renamed and reopened Figge Museum features a single, fortuitous painting by spiritual landscapist Tom Uttech.

Inflection Point for a Would-be Digital Nomad

Artists of Color Offer Strong Personal Visions

Richard Speer reflects on his late partner, artist Dorothy Goode, and unexpected possibilities of life after loss.
Jody Zellen makes note of the recent increase in exhibitions featuring Black artists in Los Angeles galleries.



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